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A Day In The Life (2) (By BEATLES)
Tab'ed By: Yoshi
Artist: The Beatles
Song: A Day In The Life
Album: Sgt. Peppers Lonley Heart's Club Band
Recorded: Abbey Road Studio2 January 19, 1967
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Tempo: Moderatley Slow  Half Note=82

Intro: G Bm Em Em7 C

      G             Bm               Em       Em7   C          C/B             Asus2
       I read the news _ to-day,_ oh___ boy,       a-bout a luck-y man___ who made the grade._

      G                                 Em    Em7  C             F                  Em      E7  
       And though the news_ was rath-er sad,       well, I just had to laugh.________

      C          F               Em7    C     G               Bm 
       I saw the pho-to-graph._____           He blew his mind_out in a car.__    

      C              C/B                  Asus2
       He did-n't no - tice that the light_had changed.

      G            Bm                    Em       Em7    C               F
        A crowd_of peo-ple stood and stared.             They'd seen his face be-fore _

       Em                           Em7                          C
       No-bod-y was real-ly sure if he was from the House of Lords. ___

      G             Bm           Em      Em7   C              C/B           Asus2
      I saw a film to-day.  oh_ boy.           The eng-lish arm - y had just won the war.
     G              Bm             Em       Em7     C          F
      A crowd_of peo-ple turned a-way.              But i just had to look._

"Orchestral Interlude: Double Time  Half NOte=164"
    Em        Em7         C                           Cmaj7
      Hav-ing read the    book.________           I'd love to turn______you______on______


    E----                                            E
             Woke Up  fell out of bed. dragged a comb a-cross my head.___

-- Dsus2                        E                             B7sus4
                     Found my   way down-stairs and drank___ a cup, 

       B7           E                  (B7sus4)            B7
        and look-ing  up___     I not-iced I was late.___   

                     E                                                          D
       Found my coat   and grabbed my hat,____   made the bus in sec-onds flat,_____

                E                F#m              B7           E  
      Found my way up-stairs and had a_____ smoke,        and some-body___spoke____and i went,

     F#m7               B7
     in-to a dream____           

Interlude  Half Time  Half Note=82

        C                            G                    D-----------A            ---------E--------
        Ah,___________________________      ah,_______________________            ah,_________________

         C                          G            D                          A         E  (D) (C) (D)
        ah,___________________________          ah,__________________________ 

Verse: Double Time  Half Note-164

         G                 Bm                Em   Em7    C                        C/B             Asus2
          I read the news____ to-day,___ oh boy,         four thou - sands holes____ in Black-brn Lan-ca-shire._______

         G                     Bm                      Em     Em7   C                  F
          And though the holes____  were rath - er  small.          They had to count_____

                              Em                               Em7                             C
          them all.____       Now they know how man-y holes it take to fill the Al-bert Hall._____

           I'd love to turn______you______on______

The Beatles MADE Rock-n-Roll...............Long Live John Lennon!!!

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