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Lonely Stranger (By ERIC CLAPTON)
ERIC CLAPTON - "Lonely Stranger" 

E ---------------2---------0------0-----------------
B ---------------2---------0------0-----------------
G -----0h1-------2---------2--2---1--< couple of >--
D --------------------------------2--< strums    >--
A ------------4--------3----------2-----------------
E ---0-----0--------0-------------0-----------------

or as another contributor  posted (I don't know which is best?)

   E         F#m7  (slap strings)   F#  E                 repeat it.

This is the basic lick.  Note that there's no pick
involved and all bass stuff (Low E and A strings) is
done with the thumb, and all other stuff is either picked
simultaneously with the fingers, or down strummed with
the fingernails.  (Not all the notes are here - it's
strickly a feel thing, and I had no idea someone would
ever request this song - I thought I was the only one
who loved this song, so I came to work unprepared.)

First verse:

E      F#m7    C#m7    F#m7  G#m7   F#m7    B       A
I must be,     invisi--ble.  No one knows   me.

E      F#m7    C#m7            F#m7     D     A         E
I have crawled down dead-end  streets  on my hands and knees.

On E here, go to "intro-lick", twice.

Second verse:
I was born with a raging thirst, Hunger to be free
But I've learned thru the years, Don't encourage me

On E here, go to "intro-lick" ONCE and then right to
E     F#m7            B        C#m7
Cause I'm a lonely    stranger here
F#m7           G#m7    C#m7 E7  (C#m7 and E7 are packed in one measure.)
    well be----yond my da---ys  (No clue on the words here.)

A7      A7Dim       E     F#m7
I don't know what's going on so
D       A      E
I'll be on my way *** 4x

Third Verse
When I walk, stay behind.Don't get close to me.
Cause it's sure to end in tears. So let me leave
4th Verse
Some will say I may agree take a look then walk away
Cause thats alright with me

*** On E here, "intro-lick" again, this time 4  times I don't know.
(I'm getting tired, so briefly, it's 2 more verses just the
 same as before, and then the same chorus, followed by - you
 guessed it - the "intro-lick" out to the end, which, I believe,
 is solo'd over using the E minor pentatonic scale, but, knowing
 EC, he probably uses some "tasty" notes along the way.)

Structure V1 V2,Chorus:V3, v4 Chorus (with 12x fade out on
D       A      E
I'll be on my way *** 12x (I'll be on my way  yes I will )
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