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Fearless (By PINK FLOYD)
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These chord listings were graciously provided by David Faulkner to the Pink
Floyd mailing list.

From: (David Faulkner)
Message-ID: <>
Subject: Chords requested

> P.S. Really grateful if  someone  supply the chords that go with
> the sung part of "Echoes" from Meddle or/and "Cymbaline from More
>  or/and  "The Crying Song" or/and "Fearless" ....
> Thanks in anticipation
> Prashant Andrade

Well, I spent an enjoyable hour or so in front of the CD player last
night. Actually I already knew a couple of these ones. Here are the
results of my efforts. Since I have done this by ear, there may be a few
mistakes. Also I am typing this up at work from memory, so there could
be more mistakes. Also I pray vi has not put any tab spaces in (I don't
think so). Anyway, enough disclaimers.

Enjoy, everybody,

  "Fearless"  (Waters, Gilmour)

 Intro  (Rough approximation of the real thing)
  /    /    /    /       /   /    /    /       /   /     /     /
|-3---------3---3-3-3-3|-3-----3--3----3---3|--3-------3--3--3--3-| Then one
|-3---------1---1-1-0--|-0-----0--0----0---0|--0-------0--0--0--0-| more bar
|-0---------0---0-0-0-2|-0-----0--0----0---0|--0-------2-----2--0-| of G chord
|-0---------0---0-0----|-0---0h2--0----0---0|--0------------------| doodles

  Main Bridge  (again roughly approximating the real thing)
   /   /   /   /    /   /   /    /   X3      /   /   /   /    /   /   /   /
    G (and variations of)                  G                G         C  Bb
								  |^^^^^times 2^^^^^^^|

  [G] You say the hill's too steep to climb   [C] [Bb]
  [G] Climb it.   [C] [Bb]
  [G] You say you'd like to see me try   [C] [Bb]
  [G] Climbing.   [C] [Bb]

  [A] You pick the place and I'll choose the [D] time
  And I'll [G] climb
  That hill in my [C] own way.
  [G] Just wait a while for the [C] right day.
  [G] And as I rise above the tree [C] lines and the clouds
  I look [D] down, in the [C] sound of the things you said to[G]day.

Other bridge (can't quite remember the lead into this, you'd better listen
		to the record yourself)

|  G  |  D?  |  Cae  |   D?  |  Cae  |   D?   |  C  | G   C Bb| G   C Bb|

     D?    C(add e)
|----0-----0-------    Slide into these positions, one from the other
|----7-----5-------    These are only guesses, by the way.

  "Echoes"  (Waters, Wright, Mason, Gilmour)

(This is easier to play transposed down a tone, but this is the key on
the record)

  [C#m] Overhead the albatross
  [G#m] Hangs motionless upon the air
  [F#m] And deep beneath the rolling waves
  [G#]  In labyrinths of coral caves
  [C#m] An echo of a distant time
  [G#m] Comes willowing across the sand
  [F#m] And everything is green and subma[G#]rine.

  [C#]  And no one called us to the land
  [G#]  And no one knows the where's or why's.
  [F#m] Something stirs and something tries
  [G#]  Starts to climb to[A]ward the light.
  [C#m]     [A]
  [C#m]     [A]
  [C#m]     [A]
  [E]       [B] [C] ([C#m] next verse)

  "Crying Song" (Waters)

				Riff 1
      D5     D?    Dsus2    /      /      /      /

   D5        D?
We smile and smile.
   D5        D?       D Dsus2
We smile and smile.
D                       G     G G/F# E
Laughter echoes in your eyes

 Riff1          D   Dsus2   D

  "Cymbaline" (Waters)

  ||: Em      D | Em     D :||

  [Am] The path you tread is narrow
  [Bm] And the drop is shear and very high
  [Am] The ravens all are watching
  [Bm] From a vantage point nearby
  [Am] Apprehension creeping
  [Bm] Like a tube-train up your spine
  [Am] Will the tightrope reach the end;
  [Bm] Will the final couplet rhyme

  And it's [C] high time
  [F] Cymbaline
  It's [C] high time
  [F] Cymbaline
  Please [Em] wake me

And now, your BONUS TRACK!

 "Nobody Home"

   I've got a little black book with my poems in.
   Got a bag with a toothbrush and a comb.
	 F                                         C
   When I'm a good dog, they sometimes throw me a bone in.

 F       C
   I got elastic bands keepin my shoes on.
   Got those swollen hand blues.
	F                                        C
   Got thirteen channels of shit on the T.V. to choose from.

   I've got electric light.
   And I've got second sight.
	     F       Fm             C    G/B    Am    D/F#
   I've got amazing powers of observation.
 G                   E/G#
   And that is how I know
 Am                           Am/G#
   When I try to get through
 C/G                          D/F#
   On the telephone to you
 F          Fm        C           F   C           F
   There'll be nobody home.
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