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Tabs by QUEEN
39 Tabs
A Kind Of Magic Tabs
Another One Bites The Dust Tabs
Another One Bites The Dust (2) Tabs
Big Bad Leroy Brown Tabs
Bohemian Rapsodhy Tabs
Bohemian Rhaphsody Tabs
Bohemian Rhapsody Tabs
Bohemian Rhapsody (2) Tabs
Breakthru Tabs
Brighton Rock Tabs
Crazy Little Thing Called Love Tabs
Dont Lose Your Head Tabs
Dont Stop Me Now Tabs
Dragon Attack Tabs
Dreamers Ball Tabs
Fat Bottomed Girls Tabs
Fat Bottomed Girls (2) Tabs
Friends Will Be Friends Tabs
Gimme The Prize Tabs
Good Old Fashioned Lover Boy Tabs
Great Pretender Tabs
Headlong Tabs
I Cant Live With You Tabs
I Want It All Tabs
I Want To Break Free Tabs
Innuendo Tabs
Innuendo (2) Tabs
Innuendo (classical Solo) Tabs
Innuendo (live) Tabs
Its A Hard Life Tabs
Killer Queen Tabs
Killer Queen (2) Tabs
Leaving Home Aint Easy Tabs
Life Is Real Tabs
Lily Of The Valley Tabs
Long Away Tabs
Love Of My Life Tabs
Night At The Opera Album Tabs
Now Im Here Tabs
Ogre Battle Tabs
One Vision Tabs
Pain Is So Close To Pleasure Tabs
Play The Game Tabs
Procession Tabs
Queen Ii Album Tabs
Radio Ga Ga Tabs
Rock It Tabs
Sail Away Sweet Sister Tabs
Save Me Tabs
She Makes Me Tabs
Sheer Heart Attack Album Tabs
Sleeping On The Sidewalk Tabs
Somebody To Love Tabs
Somebody To Love (2) Tabs
Spread Your Wings Tabs
Stone Cold Crazy Tabs
Tenement Funster Tabs
The Night Comes Down Tabs
The Show Must Go On Tabs
The Show Must Go On (2) Tabs
The World We Created Tabs
These Are The Days Of Our Lives Tabs
Tie Your Mother Down Tabs
Too Much Love Will Kill You Tabs
Under Pressure Tabs
We Are The Champions Tabs
We Will Rock You Tabs
White Queen Tabs
Who Needs You Tabs
Who Wants To Live Forever Tabs
Who Wants To Live Forever (2) Tabs
Youre My Best Friend Tabs
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7.  BOB MARLEY Guitar Tabs
8.  BUSH Guitar Tabs
9.  COLDPLAY Guitar Tabs
10.  DAVE MATTHEWS Guitar Tabs
11.  ERIC CLAPTON Guitar Tabs
12.  GRATEFUL Dead Guitar Tabs
13.  GREEN DAY Guitar Tabs
14.  IRON MAIDEN Guitar Tabs
15.  JACK JOHNSON Guitar Tabs
16.  JIMI HENDRIX Guitar Tabs
17.  JOHN MAYER Guitar Tabs
18.  JOHNNY CASH Guitar Tabs
19.  LED ZEPPELIN Guitar Tabs
20.  LIMP BIZKIT Guitar Tabs
21.  METALLICA Guitar Tabs
22.  NEIL YOUNG Guitar Tabs
23.  NIRVANA Guitar Tabs
24.  PEARL JAM Guitar Tabs
25.  PINK FLOYD Guitar Tabs
26.  RADIOHEAD Guitar Tabs
28  ROLLING STONES Guitar Tabs
30  U2 Guitar Tabs
31.  VAN HALEN Guitar Tabs
32.  WEEZER Guitar Tabs