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Tabs by SLAYER
213 Tabs
Addict Tabs
Aggressive Perfector Tabs
Aggressive Perfector (bonus Track) Tabs
Altar Of Sacrifice Tabs
Angel Of Death Tabs
At Dawn They Sleep Tabs
Bitter Peace Tabs
Black Magic Tabs
Blood Red Tabs
Bloodline Tabs
Bloodline (2) Tabs
Born Of Fire Tabs
Cant Stand You Tabs
Captor Of Sin Tabs
Cast Down Tabs
Chemical Warfare Tabs
Circle Of Beliefs Tabs
Cleanse The Soul Tabs
Criminally Insane Tabs
Crionics Tabs
Crypts Of Eternity Tabs
Darkness Of Christ Tabs
Ddamm Tabs
Dead Skin Mask Tabs
Deaths Head Tabs
Desire Tabs
Deviance Tabs
Die By The Sword Tabs
Die By The Sword (2) Tabs
Dissident Aggressor Tabs
Dittohead Tabs
Divine Intervention Tabs
Epidemic Tabs
Evil Has No Boundaries Tabs
Exile Tabs
Expendable Youth Tabs
Face The Slayer Tabs
Fictional Reality Tabs
Fight Till Death Tabs
Final Command Tabs
Ghosts Of War Tabs
God Send Death Tabs
Hallowed Point Tabs
Haunting The Chapel Tabs
Hell Awaits Tabs
Here Comes The Pain Tabs
I Hate You Tabs
Im Gonna Be Your God Tabs
In The Name Of God Tabs
Jesus Saves Tabs
Kill Again Tabs
Killing Fields Tabs
Live Undead Tabs
Love To Hate Tabs
Mandatory Suicide Tabs
Metal Storm Tabs
Mind Control Tabs
Mr Freeze Tabs
Necrophiliac Tabs
Necrophobic Tabs
New Faith Tabs
Overt Enemy Tabs
Payback Tabs
Payback (2) Tabs
Perversions Of Pain Tabs
Piece By Piece Tabs
Point Tabs
Postmortem Tabs
Postmortem (2) Tabs
Raining Blood Tabs
Read Between The Lies Tabs
Reborn Tabs
Reborn (2) Tabs
Richard Hung Himself Tabs
Screaming From The Sky Tabs
Scrum Tabs
Seasons In The Abyss Tabs
Serenity In Murder Tabs
Seven Faces Tabs
Sex Murder Art Tabs
Show No Mercy Tabs
Sick Boy Tabs
Silent Scream Tabs
Skeletons Of Society Tabs
Skeletons Of Society (2) Tabs
South Of Heaven Tabs
Spill The Blood Tabs
Spirit In Black Tabs
Ss-3 Tabs
Stain Of Mind Tabs
Temptation Tabs
The Antichrist Tabs
The Final Command Tabs
Tormentor Tabs
Violent Pacification Tabs
War Ensemble Tabs
1.  AC/DC Guitar Tabs
2.  AEROSMITH Guitar Tabs
4.  BEATLES Guitar Tabs
5.  BLINK 182 Guitar Tabs
6.  BOB DYLAN Guitar Tabs
7.  BOB MARLEY Guitar Tabs
8.  BUSH Guitar Tabs
9.  COLDPLAY Guitar Tabs
10.  DAVE MATTHEWS Guitar Tabs
11.  ERIC CLAPTON Guitar Tabs
12.  GRATEFUL Dead Guitar Tabs
13.  GREEN DAY Guitar Tabs
14.  IRON MAIDEN Guitar Tabs
15.  JACK JOHNSON Guitar Tabs
16.  JIMI HENDRIX Guitar Tabs
17.  JOHN MAYER Guitar Tabs
18.  JOHNNY CASH Guitar Tabs
19.  LED ZEPPELIN Guitar Tabs
20.  LIMP BIZKIT Guitar Tabs
21.  METALLICA Guitar Tabs
22.  NEIL YOUNG Guitar Tabs
23.  NIRVANA Guitar Tabs
24.  PEARL JAM Guitar Tabs
25.  PINK FLOYD Guitar Tabs
26.  RADIOHEAD Guitar Tabs
28  ROLLING STONES Guitar Tabs
30  U2 Guitar Tabs
31.  VAN HALEN Guitar Tabs
32.  WEEZER Guitar Tabs