What is a guitar capo?

Guitar capo allows a guitar player to play in a different key by essentially giving the player a portable guitar nut.

In forming barre chords, the index finger acts the same way. One of the basic guitar chord lessons is pressing your index finger down over multiple strings, you use it as a portable nut.

By using a capo or your index finger, you are shortening the length of the free string that allows you to play in higher registers.

A capo leaves all your fingers free to play when a barre chord occupies one of your fingers. A beginner guitar player may have an easier time using a capo, and an advanced guitar player can use different techniques such as supporting a female singer.

Songs for male voice is usually performed in lower registers. When a female wants to sing a song was originally written for a male, a guitar capo allows the guitar player to shift the open strings to a higher register to support the singer.

Guitar Capo Brands